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27th-Oct-2006 10:49 am
the office pam
i have the week off and. now that i think about it, the week is almost over and i wanted to make homework, a lot of it. i haven't made half of what i wanted to make :/

i'm thinking about buying some more dvd's, any suggestions? and i'm about to buy 'brother Grimm' a book by Craig Russell.

BtVS - season 1 - 7
Nip/Tuck - season 1
Las Vegas - season 1 and 2
Grey's Anatomy - season 1
Donnie Darko
Cruel Intentions
The Grudge
Skeleton Key
The Virgin Suicides
Finding Nemo
House of Wax
Bourne identity/supremacy
American History X
The Cell
Harry Potter - part 1 - 4
Thirteen Ghosts

i want a lot more ;) haha

I finally got some more DVDs
Napoleon Dynamite
Harvard Man
Grey's Anatomy Season 2
Las Vegas Season 3
Veronica Mars Season 1 and 2
Six Feet Under Season 1 and 2
Gangs of New York
High School Musical
The Grudge 2
Hotel Babylon Season 1
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