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paper copy
heaven to hell 
8th-Jan-2007 08:22 pm
veronica mars
Christmas is over, it's the new year, now what. No resolutions for me this time, it's a waste of time making them up and i never 'do' something with it.

School started again today and i'm pretty happy it did actually. This year is way too hard if i don't have to get to class and if i miss any classes i have to make sure i get all the stuff the teacher explained that lesson. Five months to go, rough estimate, until i have my final exams. After that is my graduating and as much as i would love to, it isn't anywhere as near as the big American graduation days. Not even close. My mind's still pretty blanc when it comes to choosing what i want to do after this period of my life. It'll be the smartest thing to do if i continue going to school for further education (as in college.. kind of), but the day before graduation is my birthday (june 28th) and i'll be seventeen. Seventeen, half my class is eighteen or are about to turn eighteen, i feel left out, haha.

Something more about my christmas. I got this kick ass book from David LaChapelle 'Heaven To Hell', that was something small, cause i already went to London for christmas. My sister gave me te first three season of 'Six Feet Under' and some DVDs. I shouldn't forgot my early christmas present my parents gave me, 'Veronica Mars' season one and two (they don't air it here...)

And i recently got addicted to 'High School Musical', can't help it, it's probably something Disney that makes me want to watch it over and over again.
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