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paper copy
come so far 
31st-Jul-2007 03:08 pm
the office
well, it's been more than six months since my last post on here and a lot has happenend (though I don't care much about telling it all!).

i graduated, yay me, can't wait for next year (which starts in about three weeks already!) i'll be studying International Business & Languages in Amsterdam.

i changed the layout, ever since there has been a Comedy Central on the dutch television i've been addicted to 'the Office' hence this current layout, Dwight is just awesome.
for those who are still interested in my old layout, here's a little pre-preview..

no matter what, Sarah Michelle Gellar will always have a special place in my heart, no matter how many times i might change this layout.

i finally have a job, i work at a cinema and although it might be boring sometimes (yea, can't believe it myself either!) i have a great time and i can't wait until i can go to every single movie for free... when school starts again i'll only be able to work once a week, though i could care less about that right now.

seeing as how it is summer vacation right now and i haven't been anywhere and i doubt i will go anywhere (which is really annoying when you think about it). i have been thinking about going to london or paris (once again) those cities are awesome and i just love traveling (points at study).

well, that's all
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